I didn’t have much time this year to do a thorough hunt for Easter egss, but there were three I wanted to point out:

There’ two interesting bits about the Elf U logo:


The first is the Latin moto at the bottom, “Ille te videt dumb dormit”, which translates to “He sees you while you’re sleeping”.

The second I wasn’t able to fully crack, but the left half of the Christmas tree is a barcode. I did some basic image manipulation to try to get it read-able, but ran out of time.


In the student Union, the Google booth says:


Google is a proud sponsor of KringleCon and the Holiday Hack Challenge. We wish you a happy holiday hacking season.

You can try clicking on it, but sometimes a vent is just a vent.

This is a reference to the Google Vent challenge in last year’s Holday Hack.

2016 North Pole Poster

In Minty’s dorm room, there’s a poster on the wall:


This is the map of the North Pole from Holday Hack Challenge 2016, Santa’s Business Card:

Lock Code Graffiti

On just entering the dorm, I find Minty in front of a wall of graffiti, which happens to include the code for the frosty key pad I just figured out.

I spent a few minutes trying to make out other text on the wall, but wasn’t able to.