Terminal - Essential Editor Skills


I’ll find Bushy Evergreen to the right of the main entrance:


Hi, I’m Bushy Evergreen.

I’m glad you’re here, I’m the target of a terrible trick.

Hi, I’m Bushy Evergreen.

I’m glad you’re here, I’m the target of a terrible trick.

Pepper says his editor is the best, but I don’t understand why.

He’s forcing me to learn vi.

He gave me a link, I’m supposed to learn the basics.

Can you assist me with one of the simple cases?

I'm in quite a fix, I need a quick escape.
Pepper is quite pleased, while I watch here, agape.
Her editor's confusing, though "best" she says - she yells!
My lesson one and your role is exit back to shellz.
-Bushy Evergreen

Exit vi.

".message" 27L, 1065C                                                        19,36         All


This was pretty simple challenge if you use vi or vim on a daily basis. To exit, simply hit esc to ensure you’re in normal mode, then :q to quit.

On doing so, I’m taken to a clean terminal:

Loading, please wait......
You did it! Congratulations!

And get my first achievement:


Orientation Challenge

The questions are available when approaching the Kiosk just inside the main entrance:


Question 1

In 2015, the Dosis siblings asked for help understanding what piece of their “Gnome in Your Home” toy?

It was from the Gnome in Your Home doll they had discovered was making connections outbound.


Answer: Firmware

Question 2

In 2015, the Dosis siblings disassembled the conspiracy dreamt up by which corporation?

ATNAS (which is Santa spelled backwards), and their CEO and President Cindy Lou Who, were behind the caper in 2015.


Answer: ATNAS

Question 3

In 2016, participants were sent off on a problem-solving quest based on what artifact that Santa left?

The 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge was themed on Santa’s business card, which he left behind, and touching it opened the portal back to the North Pole.


Answer: Business Card

Question 4

In 2016, Linux terminals at the North Pole could be accessed with what kind of computer?

2016 introduced the Cranberry Pi, terminals spread across the North Pole that provided challenges that needed to be solved to unlock new areas. This image comes from my 2016 report:


Answer: Cranberry Pi

Question 5

In 2017, the North Pole was being bombarded by giant objects. What were they?

At the start of the 2017 challenge, I am tasked to figure out what was going on with the snowballs coming down the mountain.


Answer: Snowballs

Question 6

In 2017, Sam the snowman needed help reassembling pages torn from what?

Sam asks for help finding all the pages to the “wonderful tome that describes the epic history of the elves.”


Answer: The Great Book


On answering all 6, the scroll shows two words:


Answer: Happy Trails

On submitting that to my badge, I’ve got another achievement: