The 2021 SANS Holiday Hack Challenge was the battle of two competing conferences. Santa is hosting the 4th annual KringleCon at the North Pole, and Jack Front has set up a competing conference next door, FrostFest. This years challenge conference included 14 talks from leaders in information security, including a late entry from the elf, Professor Qwerty Petabyte, covering Log4j. In addition to the talks, there were 15 terminals / in-game puzzles and 13 objectives to solve. In solving all of these, the Jack Frost’s plot was foiled. As usual, the challenges were interesting and set up in such a way that it was very beginner friendly, with lots of hints and talks to ensure that you learned something while solving.

Table of Contents

Solutions for each of the 11 objectives and their associated terminal challenges can be found at the links below, or using the links at the bottom of each page to move to the previous or next.