Flaredle is a take off on the popular word game, Wordle. In Wordle, you guess letters in a five letter word. In Flaredle, it’s a 21 character work. I’ll look at the JavaScript to find the winning word, and use it to get the flag.


Welcome to Flare-On 9!

You probably won’t win. Maybe you’re like us and spent the year playing Wordle. We made our own version that is too hard to beat without cheating.

Play it live at: http://flare-on.com/flaredle/

Live Game

Opening the link in a browser gives a giant Wordle board (check out my video on hacking wordle):


The words are 21 characters long instead of the typical five!


Opening the debug tools, script.js has the solution right at the top:

import { WORDS } from "./words.js";

const WORD_LENGTH = 21;
const CORRECT_GUESS = 57;
let guessesRemaining = NUMBER_OF_GUESSES;
let currentGuess = [];
let nextLetter = 0;
let rightGuessString = WORDS[CORRECT_GUESS];

Later down, there’s a check for rightGuessString against the input guess:

    if (guessString === rightGuessString) {
		let flag = rightGuessString + '@flare-on.com';
		toastr.options.timeOut = 0;
		toastr.options.onclick = function() {alert(flag);}
        toastr.success('You guessed right! The flag is ' + flag);

        guessesRemaining = 0

If they match, it will show that string plus the email address to make a flag.

I can put a break point at that if, enter a valid guess from words.js, and then hover over it to see the flag:


If they match, it creates the flag by combining that word plus “@flare-on.com”.

Entering the word solves the challenge, and a popup at the top right gives the flag:


Flag: flareonisallaboutcats@flare-on.com